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motorcycle helmet reviews

Before we can go ahead and talk about the motorcycle helmet reviews on helmet, first we should know what is the helmet. The helmet is protective gear used to protect head from any kind of injuries in case of an accident. Helmets have been used from ancient time to protect the head from any kind injuries, like ancient soldiers used to wear bronze thick leather helmets to protect the skull from arrow strike and sword blows. As time passed by technology developed so thus, helmet also got more stylish and protective. Helmets are now used for various reasons like military, sports, motorcycle helmets, fire fighting helmets and so on. In earlier year’s helmets were made from thick leather, but now there are more types of materials are available depending on the use of the helmet. The most common material used nowadays is fiber as it’s lightweight and stronger as metal.

Different types of motorcycle helmets available in the market

  • Full face: Full face helmets cover the entire head with defensive section over the front chin and rear that cover base of the skull. Protectiveness is the significant attraction of these helmets. Such helmets have an open cutout across the eyes and nose with tinted or transparent plastic face shield. To increase the airflow inside the helmet many full face helmets have an air vent. Most motorcycle helmet reviews show that full face helmets provide more protection to the motorcycle rider, the less coverage the helmet offers the least protection to the rider.

  • Open face helmet: Open face helmet covers back of the head, cheeks and ears, but it does not  cover the chin. These types of helmets provide little protection to the face, but it also provides the same protection to rear as same as a full face helmet. These helmets come with a visor to protect the face from dust, wind and bugs. Many open face helmets come without visors in that rider has to wear goggles or wraparound sunglasses to protect eyes from dust and bugs.

  • Half helmet: In some countries half helmet is known as shorty or in some countries as TT helmets.  Half helmet does not have protection for lower rear part and look same as an open face helmet. Riders have to wear sunglasses or wraparound sunglasses to protect eyes from bugs and dust.

Different points to review helmets

  • Safety: The main important factor of wearing helmet is safety. Before selecting or purchasing any helmet you should always check how much safety will this helmet can provide.

  • Size, shape and comfort: You should look out the perfect size helmet as per your size, you should not want to end purchasing too tight or too loose helmet. When you wear helmet you should not feel uncomfortable as per most motorcycle helmet reviews.

  • Ventilation: The helmets should always have air vents for airflow so the rider will not feel uncomfortable. Having an air vent in helmet not only keep rider feel cool, but it also keeps rider alert while riding motorcycle.

Choose correct helmet by checking reviews

While selecting or purchasing the helmet we should always  check for information  about safety, comfort and pricing. We should not end up getting a helmet that provides you least safety and comfort even if you had paid large sums of money for it. In todays digital world where everything can be purchased online with just one click, we can also get various types of helmets as well. There are many manufacturers and websites to who sell the helmets with various offers but before even purchasing you should always check motorcycle helmet reviews.

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