How To Keep The Tires Of Your Car From Wearing Out Prematurely?


Whether you own a BMW M series coupe or an X3, it is no news that owning a BMW comes with its fair share of fun and liabilities. The liabilities are simply the high cost of ownership. For example – the tires of any BMW car are special, which is why; replacing them is a costly affair!

So, is there anything you can do to keep the tires of your BMW car from wearing out prematurely?

Sure, you can and as per the opinion of a spokesperson associated with an authorized BMW service center which happens to be one among the Three Best Rated ones in Perth, all you need to do is follow the tips mentioned below:-

Your Driving Habits Play A Role In Premature Tire Wear

Tire wear is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided but as per the opinion of a reputed BMW Mechanic Perth, it can be minimized by adjusting your driving habits.

You read that right!

The way you drive your beloved BMW can and will affect how the tires of the vehicle wear out.

For example – if you have a habit of flooring the throttle as soon as the traffic light turns green that results in severe wheel spin or if you have a habit of taking the curves way too fast then the tires of your car will wear out prematurely. Try to chill out when you are behind the wheel. Not everyone out there on the road is competing with you.

Follow this tip and the tires of your BMW car will last longer – you will see!

Proper Tire Pressure Should Be Maintained At All Times

It is always a good idea to check the tire pressure of your car every time you head over to the gas station.

Or at the very least, you can always keep an eye on the tire pressure monitoring system of your BMW car. Make sure that all the four wheels of your car have the OEM prescribed tire pressure.

Fail to do this and the tires of your car could remain over or under-inflated. In both cases, the result will be the same – premature tire wear that will ultimately affect your wallet!

Oh! Don’t forget to make sure that the spare wheel of your BMW car also has the recommended tire pressure as it is the only solution for you to keep up your road trip if one of the tires in your BMW gets flat!

Tires Need To Be Rotated For Even Wearing

Every time you head over with your BMW car to its authorized service center for an oil change, make sure that the positions of each tire of your car are swapped with the other. The reason is simple – the front tires wear more compared to the rear tires of any car as the former bears the weight of the engine and at the same time, they undergo a lot of stress every time you press the brake pedal or turn the steering wheel. Hence, to make sure that all the tires in your car are wearing evenly; rotate the tires of your car periodically.


Another aspect that can result in uneven or premature tire wear in your BMW car is misaligned wheels. Hence, to be on the safe side of things, ensure that the wheels of your BMW car are aligned at an authorized service center periodically.

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