Tata Hexa Rescuing A Mahindra Scorpio And A Toyota Innova

    Filled with perhaps some of the most challenging terrains known to man, India is often termed as a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. From deserts to mountains to rocky plateaus and steep valleys; it has everything. Here vehicles are no match for the powers of nature. Yet, car manufacturers are adamant about pushing their new vehicles and design them specifically to tackle such terrain. The most common setup to get through rough terrains is the 4×4 or 4 wheel drive. In places like India, this may seem the necessity, yet many people take trips on regular 4×2 wheel drives and find themselves in a perilous situation. Recently, a video representation of the 4×4 machine was released that showed the rescuing of two identically sized vehicles which were only 4×2 wheel drive. The vehicle in question is the Tata Hexa, which is known for its ability to handle multiple terrains due to its durability and powerful torque. Continue Reading