If you want to ensure that your car keeps its value car servicing is important. A car with a full service history will not only sell more quickly it will also sell for a better price. The fact that the car has been serviced indicates to potential buyers that it has been properly looked after. Many people assume that a full service history means that the car has not been abused and driven fast.

However, sadly, in the current economic climate many people are neglecting to get their car serviced. Not only is this a false economy it can also be dangerous.

Why Car Servicing is Important for Safety

When a car is serviced, the mechanic checks things such as the brakes. This ensures that when things like the brake pads are wearing this is spotted early. This means that repairs can be carried out before an accident is caused.

Car servicing also helps to ensure that mechanical problems are spotted early. If, for example, during the service your mechanic spots an oil leak getting it repaired can save you hundreds of pounds. After all, we all know what happens when engine runs out of oil and siezes.

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