Land Rovers are the car of choice for anyone who wants the utility of a jeep with the luxury of a Jaguar; they are built for both adventure and comfort. If you want to buy a Land Rover but can’t afford to splash out upwards of $40,000 on a brand new Land Rover, then it is well worth considering buying a used one. Land Rovers are dependable, quality vehicles that serve their drivers well beyond their selling year, and can usually be bought in great condition second-hand. Land Rovers have many of the luxury features of top range cars but with all of the convenience and power of an SUV, and are the ideal vehicles for big car enthusiasts. For the off-road adventurer, used Range Rovers are equally attractive and a great buy for those who can’t afford the large price tag of a new Range Rover.

When looking for a second hand Land Rover in Canada, it’s a good idea to look into post-2007 models as these pack in more features such as Sat Navs and Bluetooth capability, and are powered by the mighty Jaguar V8 engine which was introduced as standard in 2006. Once you find a Land Rover you are interested in, it is important to carry out some basic checks before committing to buying it. You should be sure to thoroughly check it over using an inspection checklist; make sure that it has no obvious flaws and is exactly as the dealer describes it. Land Rovers made since 2005 can have problematic head gaskets so you should have your mechanic check these out as well as the air suspension and entertainment system power lines.

It is advisable you visit a dedicated Land Rover dealer to find the best deal and get the most quality assurance. Dealerships will include service history and warranties that protect you from making a poor choice when buying a second hand car, particularly a higher-maintenance vehicle like a Land Rover. Budds’ Imported Cars in Ontario stock a range of quality new and used Land Rovers, including the Range Rover sport models at some unbeatable prices and finance rates. Best of all, if you can’t find your ideal vehicle at their inventory, you can use their nifty car finder tool< to specify the model and type you are looking for and they will notify you when it becomes available.

You should be sure to test drive any car you interested in on a variety of surfaces to get a feel for its performance. Once you have found the right Land Rover and are satisfied that it is in good condition, you can then go ahead and negotiate a deal. This could mean financing your car over time or agreeing to a price you can pay on the spot. Always make sure you are in a position to commit to ongoing payments! Buying on a whim is never a good idea; no matter how attractive the deal is, so always work out your budget before you start shopping.

Why not check out the inventory at Budd’s Imported Cars today. Budds’ are a family run dealership who has been in business for 40 years.

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