Recent studies have suggested that the excessive rain seen throughout many parts of the world (and highlighted very much by our own washed out summer last year) is most likely down to climate change. Many scientists have predicted that this is only going to get worse, with many places seeing greater rainfall over the next few decades, and others being likely to experience greater numbers of damaging and deadly storms.

In a warmer climate, the atmosphere can hold more water and therefore there will simply be a great deal more moisture waiting to be redistributed by our good friends the clouds.

For some, this will mean slightly more depressing summers, whilst for others the result will be far more harmful. However, whichever category one falls into, it will be important to be ready for these changes. From installing better flood defences to considering storm shelters, there will be many possible solutions to combat increased rainfall, and for many it may simply be a case that better guttering is needed.

However, increased rainfall can, in some cases, be turned into a benefit. With the right rainwater systems, individuals will have access to far more stored water than ever before and will be able to keep more of it to help should that other great climate change threat rear its ugly head: drought.

From using rainwater to feed crops to simply filtering it to drink, looking at the positives of increased rainfall and ensuring that you are prepared to deal with any deluges will mean that such weather doesn’t necessarily have to affect you in a negative way.

Shannon Morris

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