Thermal Fluid System

There are different ways of heating substances indirectly. However, one of the most common methods used for this purpose is a thermal fluid system. There are many companies that have turned to the use of thermal fluid heaters mainly because of the different benefits that these units offer. However, prior to understanding the advantages of making use of these systems, it is necessary to understand what they actually are.

What are Thermal Fluid Systems?

As this is already pointed out, a thermal fluid system is basically an enclosed loop mechanism where fluid, that is generally oil, is used for heating a substance indirectly. There are several ways in which the fluid that is within the system can practically be heated. This includes the use of electric power or through the use of oil and even coal. The moment the fluid within the thermal system reaches a certain temperature, heat gets transported to the end target.

The Benefits

Thermal fluid systems have the ability to act at very high temperatures for a very long time. Irrespective of this fact, these systems work safely at low pressures thus keeping people working in the surroundings safe. There are other risks that can also be easily avoided with the use of these systems. These include corrosion and scale information. It is also worth noting that good quality thermal fluid systems can easily and automatically be operated without going through any kind of hassle. They are available in rugged designs that make them reliable and durable. The durable feature of these systems comes as a major help for companies as they do not have to put in extra money in replacing the units every year.

It is worth noting that top quality and efficient thermal fluid systems provide high-temperature operation abilities. These systems come with several varieties of heat recovery alternatives allowing the users to run the system at optimal efficiency. These systems are quite versatile and can effectively be used in different industries which include:

  • Plastic and rubber processing
  • Food processing units
  • Rigid packing firms
  • Timber processing plants
  • Print and publishing industries
  • Paper production units
  • Metal finishing and fabrication companies
  • Textile processing services
  • Natural gas transmissions and processing services
  • Crude oil transmission, processing and extraction units
  • Automobile manufacturing units

Huge savings on money and time

Thermal fluid systems are also called closed-loop liquid stage heat transfer devices, water-glycol systems, HC2 and HC1 type fluid thermal heaters and hot oil boilers. One of the major benefits of getting these systems is that they help in saving a huge amount of time and money. They are available within an affordable range and come with replacement services and parts to be of less hassle for the users. These systems have the ability of timing the heating of the end target in the most precise manner mainly because they work by heating fluids.

The use of a thermal fluid system is common in process reboilers, fryers and even in convection ovens. These systems do not emit harmful fumes and gases and are much safer than the general heating options.

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