Solar energy is much useful and a nowadays large section of the people prefers these modern devices that not only provide natural heat but also helps in reducing the power bills to a great extent. The solar heater panels when fitted by the expert technicians prove an asset to the property owners. Certain tips if followed carefully can prove advantageous in the apt fitting of the solar heat panel at our homes.

Solar array

The Photovoltaic cells facilitate conversion of the sunlight into electricity. The best way to fit the PV solar system is by installing forty solar cells pane that is called a solar array. These solar cells are prepared from silicon. A group of 10-20 panels with about 150 watt capacity can produce approx 1 kWh/m²/day and the result depends upon the weather and the site’s latitude.

Combined solar installation

Photovoltaic Solar systems can be fitted by combining them with other systems too, e.g. micro hydro and the wind systems. The results can be bettered by connecting these systems to the solar heating hot water or the geothermal heat pumps. This will result in reduced operating costs and maintenance charges.

Hydroelectric Systems

The solar panel systems are combined with the hydroelectric systems and the union gives good results. The expert technicians use the DYI process while the electrical components of the system are quite similar to that of the wind system except for the generator unit and the Hydroelectric turbine.

Geothermal Systems

The property owners who are to install the solar heater panels afresh are suggested to fit the geothermal systems in the houses or the residential buildings. Low E glass windows, over-sized ducts are preferred fro these types of solar heater panels. You can have a long lasting heating with a combination of photovoltaic solar systems with the geothermal systems.

Drain Back System

Best results can be enjoyed by having the solar heater panel fitted by using the drain back system that ensures durability of the entire structure. The same is true with the evacuated tube collector system. Both these systems are quite advantageous. The vacuum is in fact a perfect insulator and gives best results for enhanced production of solar energy. The heat pipe facilitates improved production of heat through the sun rays that are converted into energy and ultimately heats the water heater tank. You can get fitted the partial space heating alternatives too. The water in the collector is drained back into the solar heat storage with the freeze production. Antifreeze is avoided to save from overheating in the hot seasons. The system automatically shuts down when it reaches the highest temperature that saves from any damages.

It is suggested that experienced persons are engaged for fitting the solar heater panels at the home. Services of reputed service providers can be of great use in this regard. You can personally visit them in your locality or take the help from your friends or relatives. Yellow pages and internet are also the best options to hire competent and qualified technicians who hold the valid licenses to fit solar heater panels.

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