Maintenance is something that should come naturally to a property owner. Whether your property is a piece of land or a car, is immaterial. Effective maintenance, in addition to keeping the property in great shape, has great preventive properties too. Read on to discover how good maintenance of your truck can save your money.”

If you’ve ever been in a road accident or witness to one, you’ve probably noticed something. In at least 50 % of the cases, it’s not entirely the fault of the people involved in the mishap. The culprit is the faulty machinery or equipment that makes up the engine or the physical structure of the vehicles.

The onus for ensuring that a vehicle runs smoothly lies on the manufacturer first and the vehicle owner next. It isn’t enough to check if your fuel gauge is full and your papers are in order. Smooth functioning of a vehicle, especially one in the league of giant trucks and trailers, is paramount when it comes to avoiding accidents and preventing loss of lives.

Trucks and trailers in this league typically carry loads that are either heavy or hazardous or both. This puts tremendous pressure on the vehicle’s wheels, chassis and the performance of the brakes. In these situations it becomes imperative that there are no mishaps caused by faulty equipment or improper maintenance.

An ill-maintained trailer could have any or all of the below issues:

Brakes are an integral component of any vehicle, more so, when the vehicle in question weighs 80,000 pounds! Checking the brakes daily is something that the driver/owner would need to do. You don’t want a truck that big barreling into your car out on the highway. That’s one accident you’re unlikely to survive.

Checking the undercarriage or the chassis for strength and durability is another strict requirement. Trucks are designed to carry heavy loads and cart them across long distances. But, as is the case in any situation, trucks too are subject to wear and tear. The older a truck, the more likely it is to face problems. Checking the weight limit of a truck is mandatory before sending it out on a long haul.

What is a vehicle without tires and air pressure? If you want that 700-mile drive to be a comfortable one, better ensure that those tires are in great shape. Check tire pressure periodically and keep it at optimum levels. This will let you make your journey a stress-free sojourn. Similarly, verify that the wear and tear on tires is not too severe. Tire treads need to be changed regularly to avoid abrasion and puncturing on sharp surfaces.

Other components to include in the stress test would be the transmission of the vehicle, the power steering mechanism, windshield wipers and visibility in the mirrors. For trucks that plow through snow and fog, ensure that the fog lights and snow tires are in perfect working condition.

In many cases involving truck accidents, the blame is borne by the driver, thanks to his condition, his distraction at the time or his aggression. However, in quite a few cases, it has been found that improper maintenance on the part of the vehicle owner has been responsible for the unfortunate series of events. The owner, in a bid to save money, chooses to forego the mandatory checks required to keep a vehicle in top running shape. The resultant accidents occur and it is left to the victims to pick up the pieces.

We’ve all heard the old adage: Prevention is better than cure. Maintaining a truck in good running condition would cost the owner less than the amount he would spend on repairs and restoration of a vehicle post an accident. It may even prevent lawyer charges and litigation suits from aggrieved parties. So, choose wise expenditure over wasteful regret. Check those trucks before you send them out. It may just change your day.

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