Used for the first time in the 1970s to bring together groups in different locations, video conferencing is today being utilised by more and more companies due to the many benefits it has to offer in the modern business word.

First, and perhaps foremost, in these tough economic times, conducting meetings via the internet using audio visual devices saves a huge amount of money. The costs of worldwide or even just national business travel and overnight stays are becoming difficult for companies to justify and can sometimes counteract the benefits to be gained from holding a meeting the first place. A high quality audio and visual conferencing system can negate the need for travel completely, allowing meetings to be conducted remotely instead.

Conferencing systems have developed far beyond the simple designs introduced four decades ago; they now allow file sharing at the click of a button and for all participants to watch presentations in real time.

Conducting meetings in this way also increases productivity and enhances the quality of life for executives, by neither taking hours out of their working day for travel when they could be doing other important work, nor burdening them with the stress of regular long journeys and days away from home.

With all the potential benefits on offer, and the fact that recent technological advancements have ensured the quality of the meeting and client relationships will not suffer through the lack of face to face contact, this type of video conferencing is becoming indispensible for almost all businesses.

Shannon Morris

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