In the business world it is impossible to escape the fact that the appearance of one’s office environment is taken as a reflection of one’s company as a whole. No matter how good a service you offer, an untidy or run down office will put clients off the moment they walk in. If you’re thinking about a revamp to bring the office up to date and to keep staff motivated and productive, some audio visual installations could be just what you need.

It may be a cliché but first impressions really do matter, and for this reason, having a welcoming, professional and modern reception space in which to greet clients is of the upmost importance. Plasma screens are currently a very popular audio visual solution in reception areas, largely due to the fact that they are so versatile. You could use them simply to have the news on in the background, or show a Powerpoint displaying your company’s mission statement and current goals. Whatever you use them for, plasma screens instantly add a point of interest in any waiting area and promote the image of a business in touch with the modern world.

The same technological solutions can be used in the boardroom to build on the good first impression secured in the reception area. The use of flat screen TVs in a client meeting adds flair to a presentation and has the potential to hold interest when minds might otherwise wonder.

Finally, consider having flat screen TVs or interactive whiteboards around the office to help make your employees’ lives easier and more interesting, and to ensure they no longer have to rely on archaic accessories such as flipcharts and overhead projectors.

Shannon Morris

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