Around the world maximum damage to crops is done by rodents and pests. This damage, if calculated, can run into an enormous amount and that is why this problem has become a major concern of farm owners these days. Besides damaging the crops, rodents can damage wiring and structures, spread diseases and even cause fires. Although plenty of ways are available for eliminating the problem of pests, however not every method can be considered effective. So to make this complex task somewhat easier for you, mentioned below are the top tips to keep your farm pests and rodents free.

The first tip for Pest Control is to never have open dumps on your farm. Letting the trash or garbage lying on your farm is an open invitation to rodents as this dump will act as their habitat where they can live and increase their population. So in case there is any garbage or trash, then it should be either buried or burnt, rather than letting it rot in a corner.

Stacked building supplies and lumber is another good place for the rodents to hide. It is a common practice on many farms that building supplies, lumber and other such materials are placed next to a building. In that case rodents and pests can easily make it their home and cause damage to these items. Thus ideally such items should be stacked at some height from the ground.

Rodents are found in farms in such a huge number because there they do not have to worry about their food. They have enough food available on a farm, in the form of feed that they can dwell on it for years. According to statistics, rodents and pests damage feed worth millions in a year. Thus you can adopt the practice of storing feed in plastic or metal containers to keep them out of the reach of rodents.

In case there is some old machinery or junk piles lying on the farm then throw such things immediately. Machinery that is not functioning or is no longer of your use should be either sold or sent in trash, rather than letting it occupy space on your farm and offering a convenient space for the rodents to hide.

If there are pests and rodents already present on your farm, then you should take immediate steps for Pest Control and control their growth. Plenty of options are available in the form of physical, chemical and mechanical methods which can be adopted according to the area and severity of the problem. Adopting the most suitable method for Pest Control can not only help to make your farm free from any pests and rodents. But your timely action can also help you save your money and time.

The problems caused by pests and rodents are not new. These creatures have always been a major problem which requires an immediate solution. Overlooking this issue or delaying its treatment can not only escalate the problem further, but also lead to huge expenses involved in getting the solution of this problem later on.

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  1. The world’s maximum damage to crops is done by rodents and pests. Rodents can damage wiring and structures, spread diseases, and even cause fires. So this post helps us by making this complex task somewhat easier by stating top tips to keep our farm pests and rodents free. Found your post very interesting to read.For more information, you can learn more from our site.

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