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For small businesses looking to grow, start-ups and businesses moving into new markets, the question of office location is key. In fact, physical space and distribution is one of the fundamentals of a strong marketing approach, and the right office space and business accommodation can make or break a business plan.

Why is location so important?

The right business location will allow you to reach your customer market, stakeholder base or supply chain simply and easily. For example, a business which requires regular deliveries of stock will need to ensure that its accommodation facilitates such deliveries in terms of access rights and loading. For office-based businesses, the right accommodation will situate the enterprise close to customer markets — ideal if customers need to physically access the space.

Office space may also be chosen for strategic reasons, such as to be close to a hub of other businesses, such as technology or creative hubs, and to give access to potential partners and stakeholders. Additionally, a location may be chosen for its access to a highly skilled labour market, which is essential for today’s knowledge-based economy.

Getting the right location

Many businesses automatically headed for big cities in the past, but increasingly they are looking at smaller hubs and locations close to transport routes and local customer hot-spots or with cost-effective accommodation. Business leases and rental costs can be one of the biggest expenses, and it’s vital for a business to be able to negotiate the right rates when securing one of the office Weybridge or beyond have to offer. A commercial real estate agent is a huge asset for such endeavours, as he or she will be able to offer significant added value to the process.

Using a commercial property agent

Although many commercial spaces are advertised on a direct basis, skilled commercial agents will often get access to the best new deals and ‘hot to the market’ spaces before the advertising filters down to the general market. Good agents will maintain a strong network of landlord and owner contacts, who may give them the heads-up on hot new spaces in advance, saving money on advertising and allowing the agent’s clients to get a first look at potential high-demand spaces. As well as facilitating access to local spaces and offices, the right agent will know the local area inside out and be able to give plenty of practical tips and guidance.

The value of expertise

He or she will work within your budget and get a detailed assessment of your needs and objectives, helping you to prioritise these where necessary. When you have viewed a potential good fit, the agent will be able to negotiate with the landlord if required to get the right leasing and contractual arrangements for you. Sometimes they are able to gain initial periods of lower rent or even free rent to help your operation settle in and manage costs. By using specialist expertise, the business can carry on focusing on its core competencies rather than needing to devote high-level resource to facilities and accommodation planning. It’s decision which can save time and money in the long term, as well as avoid any problems with contracts and terms.

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