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Every television sold in the UK comes with some sort of TV warranty. By law manufacturers that sell goods in the UK have to provide some sort of warranty or guarantee. This means that should the product break or not function correctly within the time period stated on the warranty manufacturer must either replace or repair that product. This is designed to protect consumers from being sold cheap and shoddy products which are not fit for purpose.

However, generally speaking these manufacturers’ warranties run for a relatively short period of time and do not offer high levels of coverage. In some cases, it is possible that you need to send away your product away for repair and could spend a substantial amount of time without a television to watch. The vast majority of standard TV warranties do not include a replacement set whilst the repair is attempted. The shortcomings of manufacturer’s guarantees and warranties has led to the emergence of other kinds of TV warranty, commonly known, as extended warranties.

Do You Need an Extended TV Warranty?

To answer the question do I need an extended TV warranty ask yourself if you could afford to repair the TV yourself? If the answer is, probably not, then a extended warranty is for you. Likewise, if you think that the cost of repairing your television will be greater than the annual cost of an extended warranty you can safely conclude that an extended TV warranty makes sense for you.

The truth is that the very few people could not benefit from having an extended warranty on many of their appliances including their televisions. The cost of extended warranties is a lot lower than you think.

Finding the Best TV Warranty

When you buy something in an electrical store you are often offered an extended warranty and in many cases the cost of this is quite expensive. However, it is possible to buy an extended TV warranty from a third-party. Their policies are considerably cheaper than many offered by mainstream retailers. These are they extended warranties it makes financial sense for you to buy.

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