Few would argue with the importance of wearing a cycling helmet. They’re the best defence against head injury, and save thousands of lives every year. These days, cycle helmets are more effective than they’ve ever been, and this is thanks to the way that they’re composed.

With this in mind, what are the key components of a cycle helmet?

Between your head and the outer shell there is usually a layer of polystyrene foam. This is designed to ensure your head is comfortable, and to absorb impact if you do come off your bike. The material will adapt to the shape of your head, ensuring a snug fit.

Most quality helmets have in-built ventilation. Anybody who has ever worn a cycle helmet will know how easy it is to overheat. The holes you see on most cycle helmets are meant to allow the flow of air around the head, and therefore keep the head cool.

The most important component of a helmet is the outer shell. This needs to be tough, but should also be lightweight. Modern helmets strike a great balance between being lightweight and being tough and durable.

You’re helmet is likely to have adjustable straps, and might also have a hair port, to accommodate long hair. If you need a new helmet, then you might want to visit Tweeks Cycles, who stock a wide range of helmets to suit all kinds of budgets and different kinds of cyclist.

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