The National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) is world renowned as one of the best examination boards serving the construction and health and safety sectors. A NEBOSH certificate can cover various aspects of staying safe in the workplace:

Fire Certificate

Fire is one of the prime risks in the workplace, and the NEBOSH fire certificate will give professionals the practical knowledge to carry out risk assessments with a view to mitigating the health and safety issues associated with fire.

General Certificate

A general certificate is more general than the fire certificate and is designed for various kinds of professionals, e.g. managers and supervisors who wish to gain a better understanding of the issues pertaining to occupational health and safety.

International Diplomas

NEBOSH can offer international diplomas which is perfect if you are working across national boundaries and want a qualification that doesn’t lose relevancy when you work in another country. The NEBOSH name is literally recognised all over the world.

Distance Learning Options

One of the great advantages with taking NEBOSH qualifications is that they can be achieved via distance learning. This means they are more adaptable to people’s geographical location, lifestyle or any other factor that might typically affect how you can learn.

In the last analysis, all recognised qualifications are helpful, especially when we’re talking about occupational safety; however the name NEBOSH is uniquely powerful.

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