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Coming fresh out of university and looking for a new job can be a daunting experience, you have collected your certificate and you are ready to find that dream job, and join the workforce. Some graduates walk straight out of college into that perfect position, while others are sometimes left in limbo not knowing what direction to take, so what sets these two groups of applicants apart?

Continually Revise Your Resume

One thing that recent graduates often lack is experience in their chosen field of study, so it’s best to adjust your resume to make sure it highlights skills that are transferable to your current chosen subject, so if you have gained knowledge during previous employment which is similar to the job you are applying for, make sure you clearly highlight this information on your resume. Your CV should be specifically designed for each new position you are applying for.

Start Searching as Soon as Possible

No matter where in the world you chose to apply for a position or in what field, it’s important to begin your search early and not wait until most of the jobs have been allocated. If you have recently graduated from a university in South East Asia and you are looking for a solid career, there are IT jobs in Malaysia that are best for IT graduates, but, these coveted positions may be gone if you waste your time and do not start looking as soon as possible.


Although most recent graduates will not have a lot of disposable income, it’s vitally important that they appear and project an image of complete professionalism, this usually comes in the form of their interview attire. Men and women should invest in an outfit which is clean, professional, modest, and enduring, first impressions is crucially important when aiming to secure your dream job. Recent graduates should think of this as an investment and not just an insignificant piece of clothing.

Prepare Before Interviews

You would think this is standard practice for any individual seeking employment, but quite often it is not the case, an employer will be immediately turned off by a candidate if they turn up at the interview process ill prepared. If you do some research, get to know the company’s mission statement, goals, and objectives, this will work in your favour when answering questions on the day, it is also endearing you to the interviewer who will be highly impressed by your knowledge.

Don’t Just Focus in One Direction

You do not always have to follow your fellow graduates and apply for the most prestigious, or well-known companies in your field, these positions are most often fiercely contested and extremely difficult jobs to secure. You may consider working for a business which is not necessarily in your field, but still provides the type of job experience you seek.

Searching for work after graduation should be approached in a similar fashion as having a job, individuals can focus on gaining employment in a professional manner by taking the process of job seeking seriously, putting in time and effort on a daily basis.

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