Places To Go In Bali

Bali is the island in Indonesia. This island is so famous for its tourism destinations. This island is always full of tourists who are looking for great experience in exploring many kinds of tourists destination. In this case, it is true that there are many places to go in bali. People will never get bored when they are going to Bali. This island has a lot of great destination. In this case, one of the great things about Bali is of course about the beaches. This island has some awesome beaches. However, beaches are not the only destinations that this island can offer. In fact, this island also has other nice alternative to explore.

Talking about places to go in bali’s beaches, there some awesome beaches that have become so well-known. In this case, each beach in Bali has different characteristic for the things that tourist can explore, so they will never get bored to enjoy the great things offered by beaches in Bali.

  • When it is about beaches, then water sport will be the destination. In this case, Bali has Kuta and Legian as the destination for water sports. These two beaches have good waves to ride. There are many surfers coming to these beaches to enjoy surfing and other kinds of water sport.
  • When people want to swim, of course Kuta will never be good destination since its waves are too strong. In this case, there is Lovina as the good choice. It has different waves from Kuta. The waves in Lovina is calm and it is great for swimming. Then, visitors can also see dolphins from this beach, so this can be good spot.
  • If people want to have snorkeling, Nusa Lembongan can be the choice. This is located on the shores of Bali island and it is on the separated island. This location is located on the small island. There is beautiful beach and awesome spot for snorkeling and diving. Corals and marine life can be found in this spot.

Of course, those are not the only things to find in Bali. There are also calm and peaceful places to go in bali. It is Ubud. When people are looking for the right place to get refreshed, Ubud can be the option. This is a nice and peaceful village in Bali. The whole village is the tourist destination. People can stay in this village to get peaceful vibes. This village offers the good harmony between culture and nature. People can find beautiful view of paddy fields with its unique construction. There are also some cultural ceremonies and tourists can enjoy it as kind of performance. Then, there are also some facilities for spa and massages, so they can really make their body and soul refreshed. For other destination, there is also Mount Batur. This is the great place to see the great view of volcano and beautiful sunrise. People can hike the mount easily. There is also Pura Ulun Danu Batur located on the foot of this mount. This is one of the important temples in Bali.

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