Trains Or Planes

Many people have confusion about how can a train be perfect for people of all sections of society.  Some individuals think that why would rich people travel in trains when they can afford planes and get better luxury therein?  Well, the foremost thing that makes a great difference between trains and planes is their reachability. Yes, it is not just about money, it is about convenience and availability too.

Talking about planes, they go to only limited areas. They are connected to mostly metro cities or some other main towns. But they aren’t linked up with hamlets and remote zones of the country. However, talking about trains, these are reaching the farthest areas of the country. You can find a train touching the remote zones of the country and making sure that people travel in any area of the country without any inconvenience. Where in planes you might have to go to up to a specific place and then take another mean of transportation to resume the journey further; that is not the case in trains. Trains get you to the destination you want to go to.

The features and facilities of Indian Railways like pnr enquiry availability, toll-free numbers, and many other features are the testament of its progress in recent times. There are many well off people who still prefer to travel by trains than planes. They feel that they have a natural connectivity with trains. There is some Indianness in the trains. Similarly, trains are absolutely as per the budget of the travellers. Of course, you can always pick a coach that is as per your budget, needs, and comforts. There are 1st AC, 2nd AC and other types of coaches that cater proper comfort and ease to the passengers.

Similarly, when you travel by plane, you have to spend a considerable amount of time on airports. Yes, you have to check in prior to the flight and that is not really convenient. There are long queues, and you have to wait for hours. But, in the case of trains, you can go to a railway station any time convenient to you and board the train. It means there is no as such compulsion to check in the railway station prior

Then if you speak of food, you are limited to the available plane food in a plane, but in a train, you are allowed to take any type of snacks and food. Of course, in some coaches you get food, and there are proper pantries. Even if there isn’t any food, you can always take food from hawkers. If you are even more concerned and careful about hygiene and freshness, then you can simply order the food an hour prior to the next station, and it would be delivered to you there itself. In this way, you can eat whatever you feel like eating without any problem or hassle.

Thus, if you have always been confused between plane and train, you need not recall these discussed things. And yes, there are superfast trains that can promise you timely experience.

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