Dealing With The Canadian Experience Class Selection Criteria

Canadian Experience Class

It is necessary that you follow the Canadian experience class selection criteria in order to get the visa in hand at the right time. This will include the policy, procedure and the guidance of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada professionals and things are posted on the departmental website for the convenience of the stakeholders. However, you don’t need to have continuous work experience under the CEC. The applicants should not be employed at the time of application, but they should be holding the temporary status during the qualifying period when one can gain in work experience one can get in Canada.

Following the Criterion

To have the Canada experience class visa you need to follow certain things. One has to go through the employment requirements mentioned in the NOC occupational description and these are however not applicable. However, the period of self employment or the authorized work should not be included within the calculated period of the work experience mentioned in the CEC. Provided the applicant should continue to perform in Canada without the legitimate authorization that will fail to comply the A30(1). On the basis of the same one can be found inadmissible under section A41. However, the acquired work experience under the implied status would be considered as the perfect work experience under the CEC and it is true that the applicant can continue to work in Canada under the similar conditions.

More Things to Know

In case of the temporary foreign worker stream the applicant must have 24 months of full time experience and the Canadian skilled worker experience and anything similar in more than lone NOCs and this should be before 24 months before the date of application receipt. The kind of experience should be acquired after the completion of the perfect program of study with the obtaining of the Canadian educational credential.

Counting the Years of Educational Work Experience

The candidates should have 12 months of full time experience as part of the Canadian experience class selection criteria. During the period of employment the applicant must stay engaged with full time studying and this will not be included when calculating the time of qualifying work experience. The officers must verify with the work permit data in the CGMS. The candidates can work and study at the same time but their work experience should not be included when calculating the period of working experience. In fact, there are more things to consider in the process.

Meeting with the Requirements

The candidates under the CEC should satisfy the CIC officer by meeting with all the requirements in matters of Canada experience class visa. Within the application the years of self employment should not be considered. CEC requires for the applicant to showcase the skill through the authorized employment by the third party. One is sure to be provided with the CEC checklist and in the process the principal applicants are requested to provide with the documentary evidence of working in Canada by making a combination of the copy of the recent and the actual work permit.

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