Traditionally, human resources teams were part of in-house departments that dealt with everything from payroll right through to disputes and disciplinary action. However, today, the majority of businesses are outsourcing most of their HR to outside companies, with some no longer even having a HR department at all. Recent research has shown that this trend is projected to continue with even more businesses likely to follow suit over the next few years.

The reasons for this shift in HR solutions are numerous, and vary from the fact that there are now many pieces of software that have been able to replace in-house needs to the fact that utilising outside companies to deal with disputes will remove any chance for bias.

Ultimately though, the main reason for businesses utilising more HR software and handing the rest of their HR work over to external companies is down to cost. Such an approach streamlines procedures and reduces overheads at the very same time, and allows those formerly bogged down with mundane payroll work the time to look at proactive ways of driving the company forward.

Furthermore, using outside companies allows access to programs and a level of expertise that would be extremely hard for even larger organisations to get in-house.

As such, there are few reasons for any business not to look at outsourcing their HR needs, and investigating which software solutions can help businesses deal more effectively with any procedures that they do need to keep in-house will also be extremely useful. As such, it may only be a matter of time before in-house HR is just a thing of the past.

Shannon Morris

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