Plastic business cards have recently emerged as an exciting alternative to the classic business card made from paper. Whilst they are more expensive than paper cards, due to production costs (although this cost is being reduced all the time due to innovations in manufacturing methods) they offer a numerous of advantages that more than make up for the initial investment.

One of the main benefits of plastic cards is that they are incredibly durable. Unlike paper cards they will neither crease and curl up in pockets and wallets, nor simply fade and degrade over time. Even if neglected for months at a time, the next time a potential customer sees it, a plastic card will still be in the same pristine, eye-catching condition.

Plastic business card designs are also much more vibrant and attractive. First impressions will always matter in business and being able to present a customer with an impressive business card can make all the difference when it comes to keeping you in their mind. A shiny business card will also stand out amongst all the other paper cards in a wallet and will simply be impossible to overlook.

Finally, a plastic card is much more versatile as it is a much better medium for colour and elaborate design. When printed on paper, colours are not as vibrant as when printed on shiny plastic, and it is the little things like this that can make your card memorable.

Ultimately, a plastic card looks better and lasts longer, and therefore has the potential to both attract new customers and keep hold of existing ones, thus making any added expense very worthwhile.

Shannon Morris

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