How Effective Writing Skills Can Help Ambitious Pas To Progress Up The Corporate Ladder

It is of course of the utmost importance that PAs working in corporate settings are able to write well. Indeed, it is safe to say that individuals who have a tendency to slip into abbreviated text speak (“LOL”) and/or use broken English are not likely to progress very far up the PA ladder in any organisation.

Naturally, different elements of a PA’s role require different writing skills. For example, the language and style used to write an in-house memo is completely different to the overall tone and feel of a managerial report or a press release. This is an important aspect to be aware of as most professional PAs nowadays carry out a wide array of duties which can see them drafting emails, taking minutes and writing reports all in the same day.

Fortunately, this issue can be addressed relatively simply as there are a great many writing training courses available which can help conscientious PAs to develop and hone their business writing skills.

With everything from writing for business, minute taking and report writing courses available, ambitious PAs can look forward to brushing up on their grammar, learning how to write more concisely and recognising different writing styles for different purposes with ease.

So, any PA that is looking to progress up the corporate ladder – rather than down it – really would do well to look into taking a suitably comprehensive minute taking or report writing training course.

Shannon Morris

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