The advent of the Internet and the onset of digital technology have forever changed the way that companies in the corporate sector do business. Because of this, many occupational roles within corporate firms have also developed in recent years. It would be fair to say that the role of personal assistant (PA) is one that has changed most significantly.

No that long ago, people working as PAs were employed mainly to carry out designated administrative tasks for managers, such as keeping diaries, typing up notes and dealing with correspondence. Of course, the technological developments of the last two decades have made many of these tasks redundant.  Technological Developments in Networking, Education and Automation is become very fast growing among every one. People now more updated for latest technologies like PHP, Andriod, designing, Core Java and many more. Now more students come forward to learn these training courses.

Let’s face it; why would managers need to dictate a letter to their PA when they can simply send an email to the person they want to correspond with straight away?

However, this is not to say that PAs are no longer required. Indeed, it could be argued that the opposite is in fact true.

For sure, professional PAs are now more invaluable than ever as they fulfil a much broader remit than they once did. Naturally, a PA’s particular responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the organisation they are employed by; and this is why suitable training – especially effective writing training – is so important. Put simply, every corporate firm needs PAs with comprehensive writing skills so no PA should pass up the opportunity to complement their skill-set with PR writing courses.

Shannon Morris

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