What are Different Styles and Patterns Available in Block Paving

Attractive block paving helps in giving gorgeous looks to the house exteriors. Different driveway companies provide block paving in charming and good-looking patterns & styles that delight the onlookers and leave everlasting impressions. You can procure the block paving in varied designs.


Block paving are prepared from different material, i.e. travertine, marble or sandstone etc; the choice is yours. The paving produced from such material are much popular. If you are the owner of a house that contains some traditional designs, flagstone pavers can be the best choice.

Sizes & shapes

Block paving are available in different sizes and shapes. You can select the ones that suit the area and your mind in terms of their shape. Some old types of block paving are liked by many house owners while few property owners are satisfied with the modern type of paving.

Round Type

These block paving are made through addition of wedge-shaped pavers but the manufacturing process is not so easy. They provide charming looks when fixed on the driveways.


These types of block paving are commonly used for the garages. They are made from some hard material including concrete, rock or stone and are set at forty-five or ninety degrees. The strong surface obtained through the paver-interlocking is obtained with this type of block paving.

Basket Weave type

Candidly, this is a glamorous design of block paving that is produced with a focus on the checkerboard. The blocks or the paving stones are fixed in pairs with horizontal or vertical fixing. Two pairs are fixed in a horizontal manner while the next two in the strip are fixed vertically.

Stacked Bond

This block paving is commonly used in drives. The pavers are fixed in a line in horizontal and vertical manner. Sometimes the blocks are not piled in a symmetrical way and the bones of a line do not overlap with the next one in a straight line. However, there may be a change in the block series.

Random Patterns

Block paving of different colours and designs are mixed to develop a paver deck for getting more attraction with exclusive designs.

Herringbone Paving

Such patterns of paving blocks are prepared by using bricks of twice the length as compared to width, i.e. 2:1. Interlocking is done at forty-five or ninety degrees. The layout can be increased with changes in colours and other features, e.g. octant or circular. Mostly, these paving blocks with forty five degree are in common use.

Driveway companies prepare the block paving in different sizes and attractive colours that give a sense of pride and thrill. Commonly available colours are Charcoal, Grey, Autumn Gold, Brindle Red, Burnt Oak and Buff Autumn Mix. The rectangular block paving are also quite attractive and facilitate fascinating looks. You can procure the block paving easily through the famous manufacturers, suppliers, local vendors or the internet websites that are the best sources for satisfactory products and reasonable rates.

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