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Who is a gynecologist? They are medical specialists who are specialized in the domain of the reproductive system of females. They understand and diagnose problems much faster than your general physician, which will save a lot of your time and effort. Another important decision which you need to give due consideration is whether you want to go for a male or female gynecologist.

Once again, the major aspect that comes to the fore is that whether you need a male or a female gynecologist as you need to be comfortable during the course of your medical examinations. In this regard, you would need to understand the advantages along with the disadvantages associated with the same. There are no doubts to the fact that gynecologists of both the streams are competent and capable, so the onus is on you to check the references and with whom you are comfortable in the first place.

So, what are the advantages of choosing a female gynecologist over a male one

The physical examination happens to be less awkward

Women do not feel comfortable when a physical examination is undertaken by a male gynecologist. Even if they are in the medical profession, they do not feel comfortable in exposing their private parts. Women who have experienced some form of sexual abuse in the past are more comfortable with the female gynecologists.

If a female gynecologist has gone on to experience a routine part of the gynecological exam, and then they might be gentle during the course of the physical examination. She will understand the fact that you will have to lie half cold in a dark room and that too under bright lights.

Women gynecologists give more time to their patients and listen to their problems in a calm manner

It is indeed important that your doctor listens to each and every query you have and provides timely solutions in that regard. It is obvious that when you visit the best gynecologists in Thane you do have some doubts. Research points to the fact that female doctors spend more time with their patients than their male counterparts. Once again this is a subjective conversation and it is better that one does not generalize themselves.

Medical problems can be discussed in a comfortable manner with a female gynecologist

Some women are very uncomfortable in discussing problems of a sexual nature with a male gynecologist, and this could be one of the main reasons on why patients prefer female gynecologist. There are some sensitive issues like vaginal discharge,sexually transmitted disease which patients want to discuss only with a female gynecologist. This is indeed important as you would need a full disclosure with your doctor to be precise.

Woman gynecologist is more considerate to gynecological problems

This is indeed a common female that the female doctors have been in such sort of situations earlier as they have the same organs and go through the same pain. This may provide a doctor with an insight about the problems with the patients and what they are experiencing in this current situation. It is really a comforting aspect that someone who understands you is going to treat you.

Always go on to choose obstetricians & gynecologists in Thane because you can get your delivery conducted by them as they are authorized to undertake.

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