The trim trail has enjoyed a long history of being extremely popular with children. They can be found in holiday parks, at local parks, and they can now be found in school playgrounds where they offer a healthy environment in which to play and enjoy healthy activity. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing, designing, and installing a trim trail but many of these are common sense.

Ensure safety by using a trim trail design that is free from sharp edges and corners, does not require extensive stretching and leaning, and is age appropriate for the children that will use it. Also consider the materials that are used; metal chains can hurt. If it is necessary to use such materials they should be well covered so that the children are well protected while they play.

The surface under the trim trail is also important. This may become a very high traffic area so grass may not be an option because it will probably struggle to grow.  Soil will become mud and this can cause havoc with clothes and skin. Rubber flooring is safe and can have various designs incorporated into it and there are a number of carpeted or synthetic grass options that are also available.

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