Tips On Becoming A Dentist

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Dentist is a lucrative profession and is always in demand. If you are fascinated with human teeth and its functions and love helping people, dentistry might be the ideal job for you. Like any other profession in the medical field, dentistry takes years of education and hard work and dedication to acquire the title of  dentist. To start your career in dentistry, here are a few tips to help you along the way:-

  1. Get the proper education

Dentistry usually requires a five year course in BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery. The educational course lasts for four years followed by a year of internship at any dental hospital. The bachelor level of dentistry focuses on the general knowledge associated with this field and hence does not have any specialisations. To become a dentist London, you either need a BDS degree or a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BChd) degree. Whatever degree you opt to pursue, it has to be cleared and approved by the GDC or General Dental Council. To become a fully qualified dentist in London, it takes at least six years or so. 

  1. Ask a local dentist

The best way to know more about the profession and the process of becoming a dentist is to ask a fellow dentist who has had years of experience. If you have braces or regularly visit a dentist in London, you can ask them for advice. However, if you do not visit a dentist (which you should), reach out to the dentist in your locality. You can either visit them in your office, mail them, or call them to talk. You can talk to them about their experience in this field and the hardships they had to face during their pursuit of this degree. 

  1. Job shadow a real dentist

Another great tip to know more about the field you are interested in is to shadow someone with a job in that field. Shadowing  a dentist will help you know more about the intricate details of the job and what a typical day at work looks like for a practising dentist. Ask for the permission to observe from a local dentist and closely watch how they consult patients, diagnose them, perform exams of their mouth, and other such procedures. To make sure that it does not interfere with your studies, you can do job shadowing during the summer holidays. 

Being a dentist might seem a daunting task at first due to the sheer time it takes to become one. However, it definitely pays off in the future. Being a dentist is more than fixing other people’s teeth and gums, it is about bringing confidence back to people who were afraid to smile and show their teeth and also about raising awareness in children and adults about the importance of oral health.

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