Problems During Pregnancy

Our lifestyles have undergone a major change and the effect can be seen in one and all. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been this important as it is now. In fact it has become a necessity.  Pregnant women are one of the most vulnerable to this phenomenon. These days during pregnancy one has to depend on numerous medicines to ensure that all deficiencies are taken care of. Many of them have side effects and many cases of respiratory disease in pregnancy medicine have been reported during recent times.

The importance of treating respiratory problem immediately

Common cold, cough and bronchitis are considered common but women who are of reproductive age and those who are pregnant who get infected it can be complicated and very often physicians have to deal with this. One must not confuse the feeling of breathlessness with a respiratory disorder because feeling breathless is common during pregnancy. Around eight percent of women develop thyroid during pregnancy. It is very important for the doctor to educate their pregnant patients to continue the use of corticosteroid to prevent the attacks. It is important to treat any kind of respiratory problem during pregnancy immediately as it is associated with high rate mortality .

Tips for safety during pregnancy
  • For any purpose one must avoid a chest X-ray during pregnancy
  • Milk has to avoided at any cost if the expecting mother has any kind of respiratory problem
  • It is very important to take the right kind of medicine but over dose of even light medicines during pregnancy can be harmful for the foetus. Hence one must depend on home remedy as far as one can as if does not have any side effects. Respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy must not effect the foetus in any way.
  • It is also due to the lack of Vitamin C content in the body that most women have respiratory problems. There are Vitamin C tablets available everywhere but it is better to have the natural source available. One can also have medicine with lemon water so that each time medicine is consumed, Vitamin C also makes it way down your body.
  • Breathing problems also occur if the expecting mother smokes tobacco or stays around people who smoke. Excessive exposure to tobacco and pollution can also trigger respiratory problems. You must cover your nose in case there is a lot of pollution and mostly keep away from the smoking zone.
  • Steam inhalation can work wonders to ease a sneezy or blocked nose.

During pregnancy do not self diagnose at any cost. Always visit the doctor and take his opinion. Apart for all of these things the expecting mother must take care of herself in every way. She needs to eat healthy, eat regularly, eat more often at home, needs to exercise regularly, be creative and stay stress free. All of these will boost the immune system which shall prevent infections and keep the mother and the baby safe. It is important to adopt good habits during this time.

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