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Spine Physician

People may face issues with their spine at some time in their life. It is the spine surgeon or spine physician who can help mitigate extreme back pain. However, to get the best treatment and quick as well as long term remedy, it is important to find the well trained spine physician. The patients are first advised by the physicians to undergo some non-surgical treatment procedures to get relief. But if the latter does not work out well and cure is not availed, then the physician will advise spine treatment surgery.

Know some preventives

Following non-surgical recommendations offered by the qualified physician can actually help to reduce spinal problems. There are some day to day healthy habits which can be changed in life as it will prove to be beneficial to prevent spine related problems. Some elementary steps to be taken are as follows:

  • Regular exercise is to be included in the schedule and followed by several stretching exercises.
  • Smoking should be avoided, as there are times, when smoking might cause back pain.
  • Good posture always followed when sitting or standing.
  • Healthy weight is to be maintained.

Some non-surgical recommendations

Surgery will not be prescribed first by the professionally trained physicians at the leading spine hospital in India. They will always prescribe non-surgical remedies. Surgical options will be explored only if the patient experiences unbearable pain and the spine condition are severe and non-surgical procedure does not cure the issue. Following are the non-surgical recommendations and techniques that will be suggested by the spine physician.

  • Nerve root injection
  • Exercise and physiotherapy
  • Using cold and heat packs to get immediate pain relief
  • Antidote treatment

Some surgical recommendations

The best spine surgeons associated with the top spine hospitals of India will suggest several spine surgical techniques which are less painful. Moreover, after the surgery, the patients will be able to recover within short span of time. These days, the surgeons suggest their patients MIS (Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery). Some of the benefits derived from MIS treatment are given below:

  • Minimum loss of blood
  • Reduced infection chances
  • Quick recovery
  • Extended hospital stay

Taking caution

Spine surgery although a complicated one, can be undergone in India, especially with the qualified and experienced surgeons practicing here. But spine related problems can be prevented by changing few unwanted habits and follow those healthy ones. Physicians strongly recommend their patients and everyone in general to follow healthy routine as well as to maintain proper healthy posture just about everywhere.

If pain persists in the spine region, then the first recommendation offered is to go for physiotherapy sessions offered by the qualified physiotherapists. It is regarded to be a wonderful option to recover from spine issues and intense pain. But in severe cases, the physician recommends the patients with spinal surgery, which absolutely should be seen as the last resort for curing spinal injury. With the introduction of advanced technologies in the leading hospitals of the country, spinal surgeries rather are considered to be less painful. Even recovery is much faster following some post-surgery therapy sessions.

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