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Why Flight Travel Is Best When Visiting Chennai

Flight Travel

Are you planning a trip to Tamil Nadu? Chennai is the hub from which you can get to most of Tamil Nadu’s tourist destinations. You may prefer some other means of transport for this tour instead of flights due to various reasons related to your fear of flying. It is undoubtedly true that the source of human fear is a lack of knowledge about any matter. A lapse in understanding causes a wide range of inexplicable and baseless fears, leading to hesitation to travel by flight. Statistics show that flights are far safer than both road and rail transport. Most of the fears of flying are either imported from movies and popular media or flawed ideas being carried forth. This article series will educate you on the safe nature of air travel and why it is one of the best means of transport available to us today. Any seat that you book in any aircraft after checking the schedule for various airline services, for instance, the Delhi to Chennai Flights Schedule, is bound to be safe.

Is it true that planes are safer than cars?

Amazingly, it is true that flight accidents are rarer than road accidents. The research done by the risk communication instructor at Harvard, David Ropeik, the odds of a car crash are one in five thousand while the odds of a plane crash are one in eleven million! It is even more mind-boggling to know that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than be involved in a plane crash. Media outlets, unfortunately, blow flight accidents out of proportion and make it seem like it is a regular occurrence when it is actually a very rare event. Frequent flight accidents have long since gone extinct.

Are all aviation accidents fatal?

All aviation accidents are certainly not fatal. Planes can bear a lot of damage and be rocked about by extreme forces while still managing to remain intact. This is the result of marvelous modern engineering feats. Based on multiple studies of previous air crashes, the survival rate is estimated to be 95% or higher. This is far greater than any other form of transport on land or sea. There are many facilities on the plane itself that will keep you safe in the event of a plane crash.

What sort of testing do airplanes go through before they are sold to airlines that promote tourism?

Airplanes go through a wide range of testing procedures before airlines buy these models. Just like cars go through crash tests, airplanes also go through similar testing processes. Witnessing one of these testing procedures is sure to make you feel much better about traveling in an airplane.

The tests conducted on airplanes are:

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