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A visit to a fine restaurant ensures a lavish supper and a fine feel. All things considered, some exceptional eateries on the planet don’t simply stop at that. When you venture in those restaurants, it is a radical new ordeal you accumulate, one to treasure until the end of time. You shouldn’t fabricate your restaurant idea around attempting to be the “best” in any class. Rather, concentrate on being the special case who does something bizarre – be remarkably extraordinary. Banking upon this very motivation, there are some exceptionally crazy, wacky concepts that some restaurateurs have executed in reality. Get ready to be baffled!

So you have booked the hotel you’d be staying at, have accumulated enough information about the place, and are now ready to book flight tickets? Well, good doing pal! But there’s a request. Read the following article, and if you are venturing to one of the following cities, then do visit the following restaurants which will show an altogether new manner of dining. Think about this- dining in the sky!

  1. S Baggers, Nuremberg, Germany

The operation of this restaurant more looks no less than some sci-fi movie. If you visit the ‘S Baggers, you need to order here over a PC. The food and beverages are conveyed to the table through a sliding, exciting ride of rail. Effectiveness is high and even with the whooshing and buzzing movement, not a solitary drop is spilled! Kids find the spot exceptionally charming and tlong to return to this spot every time.

  1. O.Noir, Montreal

O.Noir is one of the two areas in Canada where diners eat their meals in a totally pitch dark room! Guests can order for their menu choices before entering the two hour dining experience, or they can decide on a “surprise me” dinner where visitors are urged to utilize their taste buds to guess what has been served to them. To make this eatery considerably more one of a kind, the whole staff at O.Noir is visually impaired.

  1. Kinderkookkafe, Netherlands

Like a training ground for Master Chef Junior, kids do the cooking at this Dutch treat, and we definitely are not joking. Since 1981, tots under 12 additionally serve and count the bill at Kinderkookkafe, with a little assistance from grown-up guides. The restaurant is really associated to a daycare centre, so that the major clientele tends to be their parents, although, all are welcome to test the conventional Dutch fare.

  1. Sky High, Belgium

Belgium-owned Dinner in the Sky is about tastefulness, adventure, and believe it or not, safety. Envision eating at a table 150 feet high above the ground, being suspended by a team of experts. This eatery can go anywhere that has a minimum surface area of 500 square meters. This aerial restaurant accommodates 22 individuals at the table at a moment, with three servers in the centre, who can stay up in the air for 8 hours at a stretch. Crazy, but ecstatic, right?

  1. Kayabukiya Tavern, Japan

Walk into this diner, seat yourself, put in a request and be astounded! Instead of waiters or waitresses, you will be greeted by adorable monkeys serving you the food! The monkeys are not permitted to work over 2 hours a day, because of Japan’s animal rights regulation. Likewise, the work condition guarantees legitimate treatment to the monkeys. What’s more, if the flawless little creatures win your heart, you can tip them with boiled soya beans! We can’t wait to visit this!

Everyone goes to mainstream fine dining restaurant, but this time, when you go out, visit these marvellous, bizarre restaurants to taste something different, and to experience something that will stay in your mind forever. Have a nice time!

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