Is The Drug Zofran Recommended For Morning Sickness During The Course Of Pregnancy?


Incidentally which is the most popular drug in the market that is used to treat morning sickness, but not approved by FDA. What happens if a large study went on to state that women who took this drug for morning sickness during the starting stages of pregnancy had greater chances of their kids being born with a heart defect. This fact is more than enough to send shivers down your spine.

All the above facts are true and the drug in question is Zofran. It is one of the most common drugs that is prescribed for morning sickness and some studies do point at a higher chance of heart defects. Studies show there exists a strong correlation between Zofran and pregnancy 2016.

In case if you have not consumed the drug then do not research it more! You will be amazed on the fact when law pages ruling the web world. You will panic, but there is no need to worry and take a deep breath and look at the facts.

Why Zofran in the first place?

Morning sickness is a common occurrence in 80 % of pregnant women, and in most cases it is not that severe to be a cause of concern to be honest. But in certain cases morning sickness can lead to dehydration of weight loss that can be deemed from a pregnancy point of view as well.

What happens if you have consumed the drug?

If you have been part of this drug, then the chances are high that the baby is fine. But on the basis of facts it is suggested that you avoid the drug as far as possible. Say for example there are other reliable alternatives in terms of morning sickness. In the year 2013, the FDA went on to approve a drug for morning sickness that goes by the name of Diclegis. It is a safe drug in terms of morning sickness. Some other options that you can resort to are as follows

  • The moment you get out of bed ensure that you do not have an empty stomach. Lie in the bed for a few minutes and opt for a few crackers
  • Do avoid foods which make you a lot uneasy as well
  • Increase your intake of fluids and eat small meals through out the course of the day
  • If you are feeling nausea try ginger.
  • At all points avoid fatty foods

So all set to go. There is no need to panic once you have consumed Zofran. This is considering the fact that you have tried everything else beforehand. Zofran while pregnant 2016 has a strong relation and there is no denying that aspect. Get in touch with your doctor if you need any help in terms of morning sickness. Being weak or dehydrated is not good as far as your pregnancy is concerned, and there are a host of options that could work to your advantage to be honest.

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