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If you want to get a better night’s sleep you have two options: buy a new mattress or buy a mattress topper. The latter is an option that is well worth trying, because it can potentially bring new life to an old mattress. Of course, there is also the added benefit that, typically, a mattress topper is far more affordable than the price of a brand new mattress. If you find that it does not solve the problem, you can always buy a new mattress later.

Buy the right type

There are several different kinds of topper available. The kinds we are talking about here are the ones that add another layer of padding to an existing mattress. Sometimes mattress covers are simply designed to protect the mattress from staining are called toppers. These are very good, but they will not make a mattress more comfortable because they contain little, if any, padding.

Memory foam or ordinary foam

The best kind of mattress topper is made from memory foam. Not everyone enjoys sleeping on memory foam, but because it moulds itself to the bod, it provides the best overall support, so it is well worth persevering with this kind of topper.

If you really do not like memory foam, you can always buy a topper made from ordinary foam or stuffed with wool. However, it is important to understand the limitations of doing so. Normal foam, and to some extent wool tends to compress quickly, which means that within a relatively short period you are back sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

That said, memory foam is not the only way to get good support. Some very good mattress toppers are fabricated in a similar way to ordinary mattresses. These toppers are multi-compartmental with several layers and pockets. They provide a similar level of support to that provided by an ordinary mattress.

Buy quality

There are some very cheap mattress toppers out there, but buying them usually works as a false economy. The cheap toppers do not last long so it is far better to buy a slightly more expensive one that comes with a proper warranty.

Buy one with good straps

The quality of the straps is nearly as important as the quality of the topper itself as the straps hold the topper in place. If they are not strong enough or cannot be properly adjusted to hold the topper in place, they adversely affect the effectiveness of the mattress cover.

Think about keeping the topper clean

A good quality topper can protect your mattress and prevent it from being stained. However, you have to think about how you will keep the topper clean. Some are thin enough to be removed and washed in a domestic washing machine, but these tend to be too thin to offer much support. A better approach is to buy a good quality thick topper that needs dry cleaning and protect it with a waterproof fitted sheet. These days you can buy a waterproof fitted sheet that is rustle free and feels almost like an ordinary cotton sheet.

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