The Importance Of Advanced Labelling Machines In Packaging Industries

Packaging Industries

There are a number of reasons why packaging is so important to a wide number of industries, including pharmaceutical, food and other commercial producers:

1. Legal

Many industries have their own legal requirements for industrial labelling. Whilst the specific details of each are complex and lengthy, these might include ingredient labelling, sell or use by dates, warnings and methods of use and will of course depend on the specific properties of the project in question.

2. Differentiation

Many companies choose to use their labels as marketing tools with some being so completely distinctive that they actually become a form of advertising for the company in question. Innocent Smoothies for example have such iconic labelling that many have copied their easy, friendly and humorous messaging to varying levels of success.

3. Appeal

Whether the item in question is a frozen meal, a bar of chocolate or an item of cosmetics, many labels are designed in such as way that they may persuade the customer to actually purchase the item. Whilst some rely upon attractive soft focus images of the finished product (in the case of food), others may feature a serving suggestion, a catchy slogan or attractive writing, slogans and other decoration all of which can act as a good reason for a customer to either buy the product in question or to select the product of a rival manufacturer. For this reason, many manufacturers choose to use professional designers and advertisers in the creation of their labelling.

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