Kota Saree

With the increasing sale of handicraft product, everyone has started using the traditional handicraft item. Kota Doria sarees is one of the most traditional sarees that are being used in many countries, especially Indian. It is no wonder that Indian history is flourished with traditional art and architecture. In this way, Kota saree has grabbed the attention of Indian women. Kota literally means the place Kota, which is a village in Rajasthan, Kota is a place where the sarees are usually manufactured. The lightweight and sturdy fabric are what every woman loves. Being a comfortable saree, it can wear in all weather condition.

Attributes of the Kota saree

Though Rajasthan is well known for Kota sarees, its origin is Mysore. During the 17th century, the Kota saree was brought from Mysore to Rajasthan by weavers from the Mughal Empire. Since then the Kota saree belongs to the hot desert, Rajasthan. Here are some of the important attributes of the traditional Kota saree

  • Colors

Kota sarees are usually white and beige colors. With the changing taste and desire of people, Kota saree comes in a variety of color and design. The attractive color of Kota saree always makes everyone to love it.

  • Fabric

The fabric is one of the most important attributes of Kota doria silk. The saree is classified based on the type of fabric material. It is usually cotton, silk or the combination of cotton and silk. A few decades back, saree is usually made from cotton fiber as it provides shine to the saree. But now the sarees comes in silk material. It is strong enough to withstand all the weather condition since it is made of silk and cotton.

  • Strengthening Technique

Interestingly, strengthening the fabric is so simple and easy nowadays. The application of the rice starch and onion juice is much more effective for strengthening the Kota sarees. This is more than sufficient to give finishing touch.

  • Easy Maintenance

With the busy routine and active lifestyle, people always run out of time. They always prefer the thing that is not a time-consuming process. If you are the one who wants the saree that require less maintenance, then Kota sarees online shopping is the best method to get it. It not only requires less maintenance but also worth your money.

  • Fabric Character

Being a lightweight and translucent material, it is always comfortable to wear in summer. Besides lightweight, it is also thin, soft and airy fiber, which would get you elegant look all year long.

Making an elegant Kota sari is not simple as it seems. But it requires hard work, dedication as well as persistence since all the process are made manually. The manual process involves Winding, warping, Dying, sizing, weaving and designing. It is very difficult to weave the Kota Doria saree since it takes more time to complete a single round of weaving. Creating awareness about the Kota saree is essential in order to increase the sales and demands. It is the traditional and all favorite saree that is really worth your money. Try wearing the traditional saree and add more value to your culture.

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