Top 5 Party Dresses For Women In India

Party Dresses For Women

A party is used to gather people for different purposes like socializing, recreation, celebrating festivals together, etc. Whenever it comes to party women don’t wear the casual clothes. They always go for the best party dresses available. There are many options for getting dressed up for a party. The best 5 party dresses for women are listed below.

  1. Anarkalis

Anarkali is a form of women party dresses which has recently being very much in demand.  An anarkali suit is made up of long and frock styled top and a slim bottom. Anarkalis have different lengths and different embroideries. Women prefer different length and embroidery designs for different occasions. Anarkalis have a fashion of different sleeves as well. Some are with short sleeves and some with long sleeves with some embroidery in sleeves.

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  1. Ethnic and silk sarees

Ethnic sarees resemble a person to a particular social group or tradition. Wearing ethnic sarees at a party has become a trend in today’s time. Moreover silk sarees are also the most trending party dress for women. Silk sarees usually suits all types of women. There is variety of silk sarees available with different designs.

  1. Evening gown

Eveninggown is long and flowing dress for women. Evening gown is made up of various fabrics like chiffon, satin, velvet, etc. Evening gown is a good option to wear at a party. Evening gown with silk material is more famous currently. In a formal party when men wear tie, wearing an evening gown by women is most suitable. Evening gown isavailable from tea-length to full length.

  1. Salwar kameez

Salwarkameez is a good option to wear in a party. Many designers make great patterns to make a simple Salwarkameez look wonderful. In Salwarkameez there are different options like straight outfit, short kameez, long kameez, etc. It can be chosen depending on the type of party.

  1. Blazer and jackets

Women can also wear blazer and jacket. Wearing a blazer or jacket at a party will give a fabulous look. Jeans or skirt can be good option when you are going for blazer or jacket. Different stylish blazers &jackets are available. In some formal parties wearing a blazer or jacket is good option.

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