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In these days of Internet shopping, many people have experienced the convenience of doing their grocery shopping online or of avoiding the Christmas rush by searching the Internet for gifts, but there are some unexpected things you can get delivered too.


Various companies specialise in supplying tea from all around the world. Although you can have tea bags delivered, most speciality teas are only available as loose leaves and tea lovers often prefer to brew their tea in the traditional way. There are many different teas produced and you can choose premium, gourmet and speciality teas imported straight from the producers by air, ensuring that you taste them at their freshest and best. Teas available for delivery to your door include black teas from Georgia, China, India and Sri Lanka, Pu-erh teas, Oolong teas, Green teas and many others. For people new to speciality teas, sample collections or starter sets can be ordered so that you can try various types of tea before deciding on your main order. Some companies will send you a different tea each month along with a guide to brewing and information about why it is special.


Many companies will deliver fruit, but did you know that employers can arrange for a regular delivery of fruit to the office for their staff? The idea is to increase employee satisfaction and to promote health in the workplace and the trend seems to be really taking off. Employers report improved staff morale and a happier atmosphere in the office, whilst for staff it is a definite improvement on a vending machine filled with unhealthy junk food. The fruit supplied in this way is hand held and easily eaten in an office environment. So instead of oranges, for example, there would be fruits such as satsumas, mineolas or clementines which do not drip and are easier to peel.


The milkman used to be a common sight in every town and village in the country, but there are fewer and fewer local milk rounds these days. Fortunately, there are some companies that will still deliver milk to your door along with a range of other dairy products. If you arrange for a milk delivery from or a similar company, you can choose from a one off delivery or a regular weekly order, whichever is more convenient.


Well, not actually tomatoes but tomato plants and other vegetable plants to be precise. Ordering plug plants from a reputable nursery is the next best thing to growing your tomatoes and peppers from seed. This can save a lot of time and trouble, not to mention the frustration of seeing your tiny, carefully nurtured plants succumbing to a particularly vicious late frost. All you need to do is wait until the weather is slightly warmer and order your plants. When they arrive, pot them into larger pots and treat them as normal.

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