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For those yacht owners who have been enjoying the sailing on the boat but still are not able to move it to the other country we offer the great yacht transporting service in Dubai. We are widely known as Cigisped Company and our best quality is being reliable and working 24/7. 

We are so proud and glad to offer our best clients such services as yacht delivery to the nearby city, or very far country, motor-boat transportation oversees in a shortest time that is possible and the total protection and security of your boat while being transported

We are totally certified and legitimate service company that has so many years of successful transportation of yacht and floating vessels. By all means we all know that you ought to work hard in order to achieve success and become the best in your filed, and as the prove for Cigisped company being the greatest you can check various reviews from people, who have been our clients from all over the globe. Some of those people have decided to become potential clients, because we always deliver yachts in the best conditions and in time for a deadline. 

The members of our team are totally aware of the fact that in order to earn acknowledgement and trust from our cooperators we are trying to keep a tight schedule and delivery every boat distinctly as we have promised to you.

By the way as our future client you have to know that we are tightly cooperating with vessel companies on the market in order to develop our services and take it to the higher level, if possible.
As long as we are aiming to a global market and are trying to improve your boat transportation services we are willing to take orders from various types of clients.

If you have not filled the application on our website then we advise you to do so as soon as you can. Remember that we have so many clients and yachts to ship. And for that matter if you will come to us and ask our representative to move your yacht to the other country in a week it will be extremely difficult for us to do so. Remember that we are on our schedule and for that matter we cannot postpone our arrangement shipping that has been discussed in advance. You can totally agree that it will not be fair to other clients. 

By the way we are offering you different types of methods for transportation, the most popular one that is usually used for huge boats lift off and lift on. In order for your boat to be shipped with this method we have to place your vessel on the deck of our ship and secure it with straps, so with the influence of waves, if being in the ocean, it will not be effected by its force. 

Think in advance and type down the exact day you want your yacht to be deliver in, and also it will be better for you to let us know whether your boat is on shore or in harbor right now. If you do not think that this part is not important we can assure you that the whole method of boat transportation depends on it. And also partially the future method that we are going to select is concerned with the total size and weight of your yacht. I case your yacht is truly massive we will choose a container type of delivery. While being in a container it is obvious that your boat is secure and there is not going to be any damage on it at all. 

There is also one more popular method for transporting a yacht or a motor boat of yours, widely known as Break-bulk. In order for a yacht to be transported this way the break bulk liner or also a container ought to be used. 

It all depends on the measurements and model of your yacht, for sure.

Right now you are aware of the fact that there is a dedicated and fascinated company for shipping your boats and yachts all over the world. You can easily trust as and this way you will be receiving the greatest service of all. Majority of our clients have made a decision to become potential ones and leave great reviews that you can check on your own on our website. Being strict and responsible is what made us the best company in the similar field. Check out the application form and in case you have any questions we will be glad to aid you any time.

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