How to Say Big Thank You to Clients This Christmas with Ecard ?

Season greetings are a normative practice within the business community. Client engagement is important from the business end as it protects your customer base. The task of acknowledging your clients and partners is as important as giving them the best product(s)/service(s).

The conventional Christmas card is now a very general practice, and it would be better for your company if you opt for e-cards. Ecards are effective for a number of reasons. For starters, they reduce your paper consumption. So it is a cost effective option. Secondly, it send outs a green message, which is positive for the outlook of your company in the general community.

On the next level, e cards allow various benefits that can never be had with paper cards. Paper based greeting are pretty similar to the “analogue” aspect while ecards are obviously the “digital” side. The kind of innovation that can be done with ecards is limit less.

It is possible for you to customise your message, add imagery, include graphics and make the card colourful without having to spend money. In this way your client engagement practice is optimised. You send out a Christmas greeting to your clients with the target and customised message, and they are impressed. This allows you to hold on to your client base.

A major segment of your client community is now a smartphone user and/or is on social media. Both of these are inextricably linked with the usage of ecards. The idea of the greeting is to make it “big” or attractive enough so that your clients are really impressed. Using social media or a smartphone app is an interesting way to do so.

The benefit of social media is twofold. On one hand, you are able to send out your message. On a second level, the social media information is generally visible to everyone. So this creates a marketing advantage for you too. At one level, your clients are getting acknowledged, while on the other people who are not yet your clients are impressed by your efforts. This allows you to create client leads without creating extra budget for marketing.

Designing of an ecard is not a difficult task at all. Rather, its ease is what has made it so popular within the business community. The graphic features can also be easily added and you can add a video or two if you feel like. The entire idea is to evolve from the “generic” cadre and come to be recognised as a brand/company that thinks out of the box to acknowledge its clients.

Apart from this, you can also include promotional offers along with your Thank you greeting. It can be a discount voucher or some sort of benefit that would make your client happy.

Seasonal events such as Christmas are not only a time to celebrate but also an opportunity to increase the number of clients you have. This can be achieved in a number of ways, and Ecard is one easy and effective method of doing so.

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