Network Of CCTV’s Will Expand In Singapore For The Next 4 Years

network of CCTV cameras

Monitoring the public for safety reasons is a precaution that many countries and cities need to take into consideration. If they are able to keep track of people in public facilities that may be of harm to the general public, police response and preventing crime can be much simpler. As a way for Singapore to lower their crime rates even more, they are considering expanding their network of CCTV cameras over the next 4 years.

What are CCTV’s?

As top of the line security equipment that give users a variety of benefits, a CCTV network is essential for monitoring the activity of people where the camera can reach. They can be used for your personal property or they can be installed on public grounds so that government and law enforcement officials will have constant access to seeing activity that they normally wouldn’t be able to see with their own eyes. Close-circuit television networks are also useful for reviewing footage after a crime is committed to find the perpetrators.

The Purpose of the CCTV Networks

Even though there will always be residents that are sure the government will take advantage of their CCTV networks to spy on them, the reason as to why Singapore is installing this new system is to cut back on terrorist attacks. As one of the most concerning areas in Asia relating back to terrorism and terrorist plots, having the ability to find more information to deter individuals from committing the attacks can be quite beneficial not only to law enforcement but to the country as a whole.

What it Means for Businesses

Not only will the country be working on setting up more cameras in public places such as sporting arenas, but they will also be working closely with companies to ensure that they have an appropriate level of security measures in place. For example, the property owners of major event locations will be required to step up their security to accommodate a safer environment for patrons.

What is Protected?

The majority of areas where you’ll see these new cameras are known as “Soft Targets”. A soft target is any type of location that is easy for terrorist or criminal attacks to take place because it is highly populated and there are more residents than there are law enforcement officials. This can include shopping malls, government buildings, and sporting facilities.

Progress Has Already Started

By the end of 2016 it is the government’s promise that there will be over 10,000 different housing blocks and carparks that will have new police cameras installed. There will also be cameras installed around town centers, hawker centers, and other commonly populated areas. On top of the 65,000 cameras that will be placed throughout the country this year, an additional 11,000 will be installed over the coming 4 years.

Along with the police cameras, the footage from the new CCTV systems will be available to police as well so they can monitor commercial and government buildings as well as public transportation systems.

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