Home cinema systems are more popular than they’ve ever been, not least because of a simultaneous evolution of technology and drop in price. Any homeowner can realistically create a very modern and holistic home audio visual system, and there are audio visual solutions suitable for anyone – regardless of budget.

Blu Ray is now the most advanced way to watch movies in high definition. Therefore, if you want a cutting edge home cinema experience one of the fundamentals is a Blu Ray player.

Obviously you’ll need video technology. You have two broad options here: you could opt for a HD projector or a HD television. There are advantages and disadvantages with both, for example a HD TV is likely to be more affordable than a HD projection system although this price gap is closing all the time.

It’s not all about visuals; you’ll need to think carefully about sound. The best home cinema systems are where sound and visual technology combine to create the holistic home cinema experience. There is all sorts of audio technology you can think about, freestanding speakers, converters and amplifiers.

As to the specific products that will benefit your home cinema set-up there is obviously a whole world of choice. The best bet is to get in touch with an audio visual specialist who will be able to advise you further, helping you to choose the most cost effect audio visual solutions that work for your particular spatial and lifestyle demands.

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