You can’t beat a good hobby. Until the weather gets warmer, the chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors. Why not try out a new craft? What about mosaic making? Maybe you’ve not had a go since you where in school, well there’s no reason mosaic making can’t be great for grown-ups too!

On the one hand it’s a relatively cheap hobby. The cost of the equipment you need, even a mother of pearl mosaic tile, will not be very much. These days you can also get everything you need online, plus lots of information, design ideas etc.

Mosaics are very creative indeed. In Roman times they where a very common form of decoration, go to any museum in Rome and you’ll see examples of beautiful mosaics. Many of these look like paintings until you look closer and see that they’re made up of lots of very small tiles.

A mosaic tile on its own might be a very small thing, however when you use many tiles you can create all sorts of stunning artworks. The only real limit here is your imagination and you can create any images you want. Perhaps you’ll go for an abstract arabesque or maybe you’ll be looking at creating something more true to life.

Being creative can add a fresh dimension to existence and something like mosaic making is very easy to get started with.

Shannon Morris

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