A living wall can be used effectively in a diversity of situations. Living walls are not simply for big or small buildings. The versatility of planted walls might not receive as much attention as some of the other attributes associated with them. However, this versatility is arguably a major factor behind their international spread.

The popularity of green structures is increasing and not simply because of their beauty or their role in dealing with pollution. They can be valuable habitats for fauna in the city. Specific projects can be very different from one another.

Miniature planted walls

People who live in flats can benefit from using small planted walls. These can add a lot to the attractiveness of their balconies. They can also help in relation to air pollution. Businesses that use quite small amounts of office space in tall buildings may also do well if they consider this type of design. If the local climate is suitable, succulent plants can be highly effective in the delivery of a small planted wall.

A wall of a shopping mall

Planted walls are still being constructed on a very large scale. One great example is sited in Mission Valley in Southern California. This has helped a fashion retail business to look its best. Some people think that large planted walls are only appropriate for private sector organisations, but the truth is that these innovative solutions can work well for the public sector and the third sector as well. This is partly because a large planted wall can make a real difference to the image of the body which has commissioned it.

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