The Artemisia Annua use in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) over its features and it’s called as Qing Hao and traditionally this used people to treat severe fever, including Malaria and they are associated with the bacteria and it has the antiviral as well as antifungal properties. Moreover the constituent element of Thujone presents in the supplements this act as antioxidants. Moreover the Artemisinin extract directly from the herb and also it has some restorative properties this used for the febrile conditions not only also to boost the support of immune system.

The Artemisinin extract used like the calming herb in curing and aromatherapy and the enhancing herb provide the popular industry, mainly for the potpourri and herbal pillows moreover this used in the flavor beverages, perfume industry and wine. While extracting the Artemisinin it shows the different activities and components such as artesunate and artemisinin this for cancer treatment.

The Artemisia annua is very safe and they have some effects and the dosage of Artemisia annua is very mild. The Artemisia annua is relatively powerful and the recommended Artemisia annua dosage is between four to twelve mg twice in a day. The Artemisia Annua reviews explain about the health benefits of this plant. The Artemisia Annua have the herb a property and this includes used to be a carminative, antispasmodic, antiseptic, perspiration (diaphoretic), menstrual flow (emmenagogue), bronchial secretions (expectorant), aids digestion (a eupeptic), digestive (bitter tonic).

The Artemisia Annua used for improving the bile secretion and liver tonic and often they used in the hepatitis treatment and jaundice. However, the Artemisia Annua help in the TCM for the disorders of the reproductive system and this will stop the bleeding of the menstrual cycle automatically when it goes prolong, help in the womb fertility as well as soothes the pain during menstrual.

Benefits of Artemisia Annua:

 The Artemisia Annua is having the highest concentration of the chemical ingredient and this found on the leaves. The Artemisinin is available through the process of tea preparation. The essential oils and lipids are commonly used in the skin treatments, treat inflammation and in cosmetics because it has the health benefits of this plant. Also, it received some positive reviews from customers for soreness and easing the stiffness.

The Artemisia tea is beneficial for the summer fevers, Yin Deficiency fever, and blood deficiency and also to recover from the febrile disease. Today Artemisia Annua commonly used in the modern medicine this because of the low cost of ingredients for curing Malaria. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently approved the Coartem (Riamet) as treatment malaria.

The Artemisia drug combines the 120 mg of lumefantrine and 20 mg of artemether from the Annua plant well this combination of powerful ingredients used to prevent a drug resistance and malaria. Today the anti-bacterial supplement treats the severe parasitic conditions like skin infection, scabies, and bladder infections. The Artemisia Anna also has shown the properties and their benefits particular for the ringworm conditions and threadworm. These days the Artemisia includes the Fibromyalgia treatment because it has the enhancing factor of the immune system, river blindness and sleeping sickness.


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