Skip is a huge open-topped container made for collection of waste. This waste container is developed to assist in carrying all the scrap of the industrial or commercial or factory site. These usually dumps the waste at the landfill site for further its further disposal.


Generally skip bins have a unique shape with a longitudinal cross-section structure – just like a trapezoid. The only difference is that it comes with two trapezoids kind of design. The lower trapezoid is in the smaller shape at the end of the bin with a long edge of the above. The upper trapezoid has a smaller edge at the above. If you are about to move into a new house then you can use Skip Hire and daunt the task of shift with great ease. There is a sloping wall at both the ends of the bin. On either side of the bin you will also find two lugs onto which the chains can be connected. The heavily loaded skip can be lifted using these chains of the lugs. An empty skip might weigh around 250 kilograms but is built to carry 8 tonnes of material. These are tough, strong and durable with a size varying from 2 cubic meters to 32 cubic meters.

Skip Bin Sizes

Depending upon the nature and weight of the waste one can decide on a bin before buying Skip Hire services. Below mentioned details will help you:

  • For a weight of 3 – 4 tonnes a bin of 2 cubic meters can be chosen
  • For a weight of 5 – 6 tonnes a bin of 3 cubic meters can be chosen
  • For a weight of 6 – 7 tonnes a bin of 4 cubic meters can be chosen
  • For a weight of 9 – 10 tonnes a bin of 6 cubic meters can be chosen
  • For a weight of 14 – 15 tonnes a bin of 9 cubic meters can be chosen

Hence the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to segregate the waste into different categories on the basis of their requirement (complete disposal or temporary disposal) and weight (Heavy items such as furniture or metal and light weight items such as cartons).

Besides this if you ever wish to opt for Skip Hire do check the recycling policies of the company. It is important that all the waste collected from the factory or residential site is not just dumped on the landfill site. It is essential that the waste is disposed in the right manner – either completely destroyed without damaging the nature or recycled for further use. It is always advisable to choose for Skip Hire with a larger size. Two bins will cost more and require you to do a double shift for all your transport. Along with this also check if you can really get the Skip Lorry reach your residence. If not, you might have to locate the Skip on a distance and carry the waste accordingly.

The prices of Skip might vary from 80 (GBP) to 240 (GBP). So make a wise decision by choosing the right size of bin before you transport the materials and approach a Skip Hire Company.

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