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Cars are one of the most commonly used vehicles for transportation, on which people depend for carrying out their day to day tasks. However, for some people a car is more than a mode of transport. It is like a prized possession which they proudly flaunt among their friends. Whatever the significance of your car might be for you, it is crucial to keep it well maintained to enhance its life and performance. Mentioned here are ten best ways to maintain your car.

  1. Regular maintenance – This is the first and certainly the most important tip to keep your car functioning like new. Through regular car servicing you can avoid any major problem from occurring to a large extentand can get timely solutions for any current problems as well.

  2. Timely repairs – Most car owners keep ignoring an issue until unless it becomes completely unmanageable. Do not let a minor problem escalate; rather opt for timely repairs to curb the issues as soon as they emerge.

  3. Oil change – Regular oil check and replacement are essential to maintain the life of the engine. Oil plays a key role in proper functioning of engine parts and by ignoring it you are putting your engine’s life in danger.

  4. Part replacement – If any part of your car is broken or worn out then get it replaced. Even a single part can cause a major problem in your vehicle by affecting other corresponding parts. So consider replacing it immediately with a good quality part.

  5. Tyre pressure – The pressure of the car tyres should be adequate. It can make a considerable difference to the functioning of the vehicle. Tyres which are not well inflated also affect the fuel efficiency of thevehicle, as well as its performance.

  6. Coolant – As the car engine generates heat due to constantly moving parts, it is the coolant which helps to maintain the temperature and keeps the engine parts from getting damaged due to extreme heat. So get it checked regularly.

  7. Tyre change – Tyres are designed to serve their purpose for a particular time and after that they lose their friction and also affect the handling of the vehicle. Changing the tyres on regular intervals can keep the car running properly.

  8. Clean regularly РYou should clean the car regularly, to get rid of dust and other particles which can stick to the car surface. Not removing them on time can damage the paint of the car. Applying wax on car surface, after drying it completely, can keep it safe from any harmful elements.

  9. Clean interiors – The car should be cleaned not only from outside but inside as well. The interiors of the car can get dirty, with dust and dirt accumulating in corners and seats. So get the car thoroughly cleaned, including seats, dashboard and other hard to access parts.

  10. Drive well – Last but very important tip is to drive at a constant speed. Avoid taking your vehicle to uneven terrains, which can affect its performance.

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