A Guide And Manual To Pass MOT Test Of Your Car

MOT test

MOT test is necessary for your car to be eligible to be driven on the road, since driving a car without an approved MOT test is an unlawful act. Everyone needs to get his/her vehicle MOT tested by the respective authority to get the test approval for your vehicle. To pass the MOT test, your car must be in a good condition that should pass the minimum standards set by the MOT testing Centre conducting the test. However, there are a few checks that you can do with your vehicle to avoid any chances of MOT test failure that are mentioned below.

  • Get the vehicle cleaned properly removing any dirt or mud present around or underneath the car. This will give you a professional entry for the test along with prevention from the refusal for the test for a mucky vehicle. The number plates of your car should also be clean and clearly visible.

  • If you have anything placed in the boot of your car, it is advised to get it removed in order to prevent any hindrance to the test.

  • Make a test with both the hand and foot brakes of your car. Where foot brake pedals must provide a firm bounce instead of being springy or resilient, the hand-brake lever must not be loose and should be in its perfect position.

  • Next comes the turn of the steering wheel and the ABS. Hold the steering to the downside, while turning on the engine of your car, which should pull down followed by a return to the normal position indicating a fine ABS. Also check for any kind of unusual or abnormal movement in the steering, while turning the vehicle.

  • To check the exhaust system, you should keep a cloth held at the exhaust end, when someone starts the car. The stalling of the engine indicates the perfect exhaust without any leakage.

  • The windscreen of your car should be free from any crack. You can neglect minor cracks, while a major crack hindering the vision of the road ahead while driving can lead to the failure of the MOT test.

  • Another thing that you need to check on your car to ensure that your car clears the MOT test is the condition of the lights. Check for damage free and properly functioning headlights, tail lights and indicator lights.

  • The analysis of the tyres is a vital check during the MOT test. Check the treading of the tyre to be at least of the value specified by the MOT testing centre. Also check if the tyre is damaged, any jammed object in the tread, while uneven and worn out tyres must be replaced.

  • Also make a check for the other parts of the vehicle left out in the points above including ignition, washers, wipers, horn, seat belts and any other parts for proper condition and working.

These manual checks can help your car easily clear the MOT test. Before taking your car for the final test, ensure that you have all the defects repaired for an extension of the eligibility of the car to be driven on the road.

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