Ex forces personnel have to plan for life after active service ends. It’s different to almost every other career in that it’s so much shorter. People serving in the military need to plan ahead. The day will come when they leave their unit and they must find alternative employment.

Military training is unique. It gives people a well rounded education and unusual skill set. One that can be adapted and deployed in different ways. Once people investigate the options more thoroughly they realise there are a number of different paths open to them. Some businesses operate in unstable parts of the world. Executives need protection as they travel across these regions. VIPs can be targets for kidnap attempts. High ranking government officials might become terrorist targets. All of these groups require protection.

Close protection courses help ex forces personnel make the switch to a different career. One that builds on the skills and experience that they have already and moulds it to suit a variety of new environments. No matter whether bodyguards need to operate in a war torn country or a corporate environment, the right training equips new recruits to deal with a variety of potentially volatile situations.

Security courses are heavily regulated. This helps to maintain standards and reassure prospective employers that recruits have what it takes to operate pragmatically under pressure. SIA approved training gives people the license they need to operate in this industry. As the time approaches to leave the forces, people need to evaluate all the options. This could be the perfect fit.


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