Tips for getting the most out of ink cartridges and print at home

There are numerous benefits to printing from home. The biggest advantage is that there is no waiting for prints as they don’t need ordering. Modify pictures, send them straight to the print and voilà, no need for uploading photos over the internet, paying for them and then waiting for the prints to arrive through the letterbox. As easy as it is, there are still several issues to consider:
Quality of the ink and paper
The quality of the printer ink and paper counts for a lot in regards to how the prints will turn out at home. There are printer settings that can be used to optimise it, with the payoff usually being the amount of ink used versus quality. For instance, there will be different settings for printing text only and settings for printing out photo quality or draft. Tailor the settings to whatever project is at hand.
Choosing the right type of paper and is also essential to get the best out of home printing. If printing draft quality or text, standard printing paper will suffice. However, for photos prints there is a range of photo quality paper. This is usually quite thicker, and comes in both matte and glossy variations.
Print from photos of the best quality
When considering printing photos, always aim to take the best quality photos possible. Digital cameras and a home printer go hand in hand. When taking photos with the aim of printing them out, always take photos on the highest pixel quality the camera can manage.



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